Cyling Route Website - Veloroutes.org

On KC Bike Commuting I found the website www.veloroutes.org. I really like it so far. The interface is not as flashy as some other mapping websites; however, it has lots of really practical tools that allow users to save routes, create tags, show elevation graphs, show times at a variety of average speeds, export to gps, and more. I am going to check it out and maybe (don't hold your breathe) try to incorporate it into the Cyling Savings in 2009 feature to the right.

I haven't been able to ride much this weekend. Thus, the lack of reporting on daily occurances. I hope that coming up with some good longer routes through town that will let me ride more places and thus have more media from my trips. Be on the lookout for a time lapse video of my daily commute in the coming days. For now, that's all.


daveferrier said...

I'm totally riding my bike to take that video to the church today. Just saying. I thought you would appreciate that.

Deferr said...

That, is what I'm talking about.