Bicycle Water Pump - Weekly Cycling Video

I have posted a new cycling video. I don't know if she will save the world, but I really like here idea. Notice that there are no alterations to the bike. I am curious if she has been in touch with any of the other bicycle charities such as World Cycling Relief.


Cyling Route Website - Veloroutes.org

On KC Bike Commuting I found the website www.veloroutes.org. I really like it so far. The interface is not as flashy as some other mapping websites; however, it has lots of really practical tools that allow users to save routes, create tags, show elevation graphs, show times at a variety of average speeds, export to gps, and more. I am going to check it out and maybe (don't hold your breathe) try to incorporate it into the Cyling Savings in 2009 feature to the right.

I haven't been able to ride much this weekend. Thus, the lack of reporting on daily occurances. I hope that coming up with some good longer routes through town that will let me ride more places and thus have more media from my trips. Be on the lookout for a time lapse video of my daily commute in the coming days. For now, that's all.


Bicycle Commute - Photo

Here is a picture I took on my morning bicycle commute. The morning commute is a time where I can think, relax, and enjoy the outdoors. After work lets out, the route gets busy. Enjoy the scenery.

Weekly Cycling Video

Please check out the weekly cycling video. It can be seen in the right hand side of the page. Please, let me know if there are videos you run across that should be included in the future and I will review them. Maybe your video could be there next week. In the meantime, keep riding.


New Commuter Bicycle Setup

As promised, I am showing the installation as well as a mini review of the components I purchased from Nashbar. I will be showing the installation and reviewing the following items:

This Post
  • ATB Pannier
  • Deluxe Cork Bar Tape (natural)

To start off, here is a before and after of the installation of the bar tape.

So far I have nothing but good things to say about the deluxe cork bar tape. It looks good, was easy to apply, and has been comfortable. Below is a great video on how to apply bar tape.

Next up are the panniers. Nashbar's ATB panniers have three pockets each and come in a set. Below is a picture showing my left pannier all packed for my morning commute. The other one
fits my shoes and my lunch perfectly with lots of room to spare.

These attach in two places. The first is a bungy cord that hooks onto the rear dropout. The second is two hooks and a velcro strap that hook around the top bar of the rear rack.

These panniers seem to be plenty large and rugged enough for my daily commute (9 mi one way). For hardcore touring they would not cover it, but they serve my current needs very well and are well worth what I paid for them.

Coming Soon
  • Planet Bike Freddy Fenders Hardcore - Coming Soon...
  • Mini Toe Clip
  • Ascent Button Water Bottle Cage


Utility Cycling is Mobile!


World Bicycle Relief

Pretty interesting and inspiring organization. It's great to see this man whom they have helped enjoy the ride.